Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eat Your World = Detroit props

I follow, and find all sorts of good stuff there. Today was an intro to a new website/blog Eat Your World. Creators have been all over the world and give insights into eating the real deal in cities.

Of course, I lasered in on Detroit. Expecting the worst or a bunch of cliches. Not.

They got us, the city, the food, the artisan and local food stuff, Eastern Market's importance. I'm impressed.

This was true Detroit food and they did us proud. I'll be watching these guys.
Fried yellow perch from Hamtramck

You know what this is.

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Laura@EYW said...

Hey, glad you found us! And even more glad that we did Detroit proud on EYW. We look forward to revisiting the city and eating more of its finest foods. ;)