Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sydney Bogg chocolates

Lucky me, I won a box of Sydney Bogg chocolates from Sweet Essentials in Berkley. It was elegant and totally delicious.

I remember the store at 7 mile and Woodward which seemed magical and and beautiful -- went as a Girl Scout on a field trip and passed it countless times on my way to downtown for work. Glossy chocolate, gleaming glass cases, gorgeous boxes and all on a a wide city highway across from a park. You know it was a special event when you got something from Bogg's.

What I didn't know is the same recipe is being made here in my home town of Berkley. The owners of Sweet Essentials have been making the candy based on Bogg recipes for the last 25 years. It's a small store with choice chocolates.

The box I took home can hold its own with any first class chocolates. Glad to know a Detroit legend lives on nearby and is just as glamorous, delicious and a treat as it was 50 years ago.