Friday, August 23, 2013

Honeyrocks rock!

Honeyrock melons taste like summer

Honeyrock melons have been out for a little while and one of them lasts about a day and half at Detroit Food's table. One of the best tastes in the world, honeyrocks rock out tomatoes. Sorry tomato fans, but they just do. 

A big bowl of chilled honeyrock in the morning makes life worth living, makes you an optimist and a better person. The season is short, don't settle on a cantaloupe. Michigan honeyrocks should have their own Pure Michigan commercial. 

So I'm going the fridge, right now. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

New old-fashioned chicken salad

About once or twice a month a couple of bone-in chicken breasts go in the oven with good seasoning to bake until done. Sometimes we have a bit for dinner.

But the best is left for chicken salad. The basic one - chicken, mayo and diced celery, a little salt and pepper and that's it.

Except tonight.  A wonderful meal in Brooklyn started a jones for arugula salad, simply dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice and shards of good parmesan. One of the best salads ever.

So, with the ideal chicken salad just made, a small arugula salad followed, generously lined the plate and complemented the salad.

Fresh lemon, chicken salad's new best friend

The bite of the arugula and the blast of citrus from the lemon gave a whole new dimension to our much-loved chicken salad.

Blasted a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in the leftover salad and - wow - it really popped!

It's never too late to love a favorite in a new way.