Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diner's Guide

With so much talk about sustainable agricultural practices and humane treatment of animals, where do the people who work in restaurants fit in?

Michael Pollan says, "Ethical eating takes in the welfare of the restaurant workers. Or at least it should."

A new national Diner's Guide is out listing those restaurants who take care of their employees and others who don't.

It's good to see how many Detroit area restaurants are on the stellar list!

Here's the link to the Diner's Guide


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eat Your World = Detroit props

I follow Eater.com, and find all sorts of good stuff there. Today was an intro to a new website/blog Eat Your World. Creators have been all over the world and give insights into eating the real deal in cities.

Of course, I lasered in on Detroit. Expecting the worst or a bunch of cliches. Not.

They got us, the city, the food, the artisan and local food stuff, Eastern Market's importance. I'm impressed.

This was true Detroit food and they did us proud. I'll be watching these guys.
Fried yellow perch from Hamtramck

You know what this is.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ginger Scallion Sauce

I love running across great recipes on Twitter. In this case, this is an iconic food from a family that comforted the writer for many years. It's now a sacred food. I can relate. (Hello..Taylor ham?)

Here's the link that intrigued me: ginger scallion sauce.

So tonight's the night to make it. Followed directions, salted the hell out of it. Big bowl so it didn't blow up. Here's the sauce in the first minutes;

This is supposed to be transformative on noodles, eggs, rice, chicken, and whatever else you can think of.

Here's step one. Will update on using this ethereal sauce.

And the final product:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coco Pazzo Cafe, Chicago

We had wonderful weekend trip to Chicago for the American Historical Association annual conference.

We had a stellar dinner at Coco Pazzo Cafe, walkable from our hotel. Convivial atmosphere - very much a neighborhood cafe vibe and look. Even more fun, a whole lot of history profs/teachers/writers there for the conference got the vibe to go there.

Loved the murals on the wall, and the baroque huge floral arrangement on an old farm table that also held bread and appetizers. It was cozy but still had room between tables and very reasonable noise level that lent itself to conversation.

We had some of the best service I've had in years-- personal, interested a little quirky and definitely sincere.

Of course.. the food. The pappardelle w/ wild boar ragu totally rocked. Wide, al denta papparadelle with diced boar in a tomato and spiced sauce that had strong hints of cinnamon and allspice. Served absolutely piping hot, it warmed the soul and body on a chilly and windy night. Could only eat half, just great as a reheat when we got home. Carpaccio a little weak but the parm was just delicious. The veal scallopine was pristine and very flavorful with a rich jus and mushrooms, however - the ragu won.

Wine prices were extremely reasonable ($28 for a bottle of hearty red) and added to the meal.

Might be the go-to meal next time we're in beautiful Chicago.