Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Happy Hour on a cold night in Birmingham

Nothing like meeting long time college friends for a drink and a snack and lots of talking. We tried Townhouse in Birmingham, MI tonight, because the Happy Hour menu was appealing and the price was right.

The regular menu at Townhouse is very pricey - burger's $19 bucks, NYC prices for local chow.

The happy hour menu = 3/ $20  - drinks and apps. (e.g. 1 drink + apps, 3 apps, 3 drinks, etc.)

The three of us shared two 3/$20. Two glasses of really decent sauvignon blanc and a pinot noir. Snacks were totally outstanding:
        Crispy Brussels sprouts -- crisped in brown butter and sauced with balsamic
        Fried Manchego cheese -- crusted with almonds and served with apples, dried cherries
        Truffled french fries w/ garlic aioli sauce

All were beautifully crisp, flavorful - in fact just delicious. Portions were more than generous. Service was extremely friendly.

Planning on another gathering in February.