Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Joys and Comforts of a Bloody Mary

Now Bloody Marys are almost never on the menu at our home or choices we make out or at social gatherings. However, a request by a young family member for a Bloody Mary birthday brunch was filled and it was just delicious.

It seems that Bloody Marys show up at the most joyful and and saddest occasions -- as a celebration and a comfort.

For the birthday of a lovely young woman, it added spice, verve and savoriness to a homemade (and well-made I might add) brunch of eggs, sausage, fruit, homemade bread --- eaten with family and good, young friends. And a perfect summer evening with an ice cold Bloody Mary sipped while on the phone with best friend across the country was just a perfect counterpoint to a lifelong connection.

After losing beloved family, a post-funeral Bloody Mary offered refreshment, a little bit of life and real comfort, especially made by other loved family.

Interesting how a simple drink can take on an iconic status and emotional weight. That's the beauty of sharing good food and drink.

Here's how we made Sunday's Bloody Mary:

36 oz V-8 (not tomato juice)
6 oz ice cold vodka
Juice of 1 1/2 to two lemons
12- 15 shakes of hot sauce (used Frank's but any works)
3 generous shakes of Worcestershire
1 T fresh horseradish

Mix well, chill well and serve ice cold over ice in a tumbler or highball glass garnished with a long stalk of celery (or a dill pickle.)

Open to individual taste --- add more or less spice, etc. Lime is a good option in place of lemon. This is a good basic recipe you can take and make your own.

Remember: Ice cold!

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Laura at the Fort said...

You said it just right, Martha!

The best Bloody Mary I ever had was at the airport bar in Lake Tahoe. Or could it have been the company?

So delicious it seems like food! And what other mixture can satisfy so much even when you leave out the Vodka?