Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remembering Eloise

We had some sad news in the last days, the mother of one of my best friends passed on.

Eloise was a sassy, smart, sharp, fun and vocal lady who I spent lots of time with during college and especially during a number of trips to Sanibel Island.

Her daughter is brilliant, fun and creative and we have had a long and wonderful friendship since college.

So how does this relate to Detroit Food?

A week in Sanibel
= gorgeous tomatoes in Feb.
=Key lime pie

=Anything you ever wanted to eat in the fridge

=Frozen cookie dough whenever you wanted it

=Bubble Room bread (which we deconstructed, see another post.)

Everything we ever had, in the company of Eloise and my friend, was delicious. Breakfast with Jane Pauley despite I never watch TV in the a.m. Happy hour on the patio. Brunch with stone crab claws and omelettes, of course.

Food tastes best with the people you care about most. Food tastes the best with Karen and Eloise.

She is and was a great lady, with fun and spark and a zest for life. Lucky to know her.

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