Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mae's Diner, Pleasant Ridge

We REALLY want to like this place...small, but airy, a little retro, very nice wait staff. My breakfast was really only a step up from egg McMuffin --fried egg on not toasted enough English muffin, a slice of processed cheddar, but the bacon was excellent. Co-diner's pancakes were totally different from the first time, which were light and airy. Not bad, just not consistent. Price of $13.25 for breakfast...too pricey for what we got. Frankly, on the par with a decent coney island/other diner.

Hope this may be just a chance of them getting their feet under them. It's a very pleasant spot, but maybe tea rather than a full breakfast. Anybody else been recently?

The site is pleasant, sunny, clean, roomy, though only a half dozen or so tables with a counter.

Located at 26040 Woodward, about a 1/2 mile north of Toast and Fly Trap, Mae's is fine addition to the Ferndale breakfast scene.

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