Saturday, January 30, 2010

Liverwurst + Ale = family love

In NYC for a sad occasion, we made a pilgrimage to an old family haunt, McSorley's Ale House. Much family history there -- great grandfather interaction with Teddy Roosevelt, beloved uncle and cousin -- grandfather.

Original ale house, one of the oldest in the city, still has the original icebox for their two ales McSorley's-- light or dark. Menu is simple -- burger, liverwurst, turkey, ham sandwiches. Beer comes two mugs at a time. Wood floor, wood stove. Long bar with standing rail, bunch of tables in two rooms.

This time we got there early, first time I ever actually saw the floor -- it's packed constantly. Scored the best table by the window on rainy, gray day.

Best liverwurst sandwich in the world -- rye, thick slices of 'wurst, fresh onion rings and the best hot mustard I've ever had. Drink the beer, eat the sandwich -- be in touch with the past and the family you love.

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