Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vienna beef dogs!

I love Vienna beef hot dogs, even though I'm not a real big hot dog eater. But their dogs, that snap, are irresistible.

So, driving down Adams one day, I glimpsed a Vienna beef umbrella. Eureka! It was in the parking of of Simply Food, corner of Lincoln and Adams in Birmingham. They have a Friday and Saturday Vienna beef/sausage cookout cart from 11:30 a.m. or so to 2 p.m. Simple dogs,dressed up or Chicago style, and sausage. My friend Kim and I had the Chicago dog -- dragged through the garden--pickle, tomato, neon green relish, sport peppers, celery seed. The whole shebang. Great bun, great dog. But I have to say, not as great as the lamented, late Red Hot Lovers in Ann Arbor, now incarted as Al's Dogs on East University.

It was great to have a good dog, but it didn't blow my skirt up as much as the A2 dogs. Nonetheless, I'm grateful we can access Vienna beef now and then here as it's only sold wholesale. And, yes, I've contacted the company -- no retail in our area in the near, or maybe far future.

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