Saturday, January 30, 2010

Betty Crocker lives on

I have been sharing my original "Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls" with a couple of young friends. The dated graphics, comments from the kids and the old photos are totally irrelevant.

We walked through the pages and they were amazed by the bunny salad, the cake that looks like an Easter hat, the drum cake(!) with its support of candy canes and cherries, the fruit gem drink (lots of fruits and berries in lemonade in a really pretty glass.)

It's very affirming that Betty knew her stuff then and it translates now. Simple, easy food that is colorful, fun to make and actually tastes pretty good without a lot of crap.

Pigs in a blanket were a big hit and we did a riff on it using crescent rolls and nutella ---"awesomely, wonderfully tasty" said Kiran, second grade.

We don't need a lot of whoo-ha and fancy stuff to engage our children in good food, making food and exploring different tastes. Making your own sloppy Joe that you can present to mom when she comes in from a hard day is a great satisfaction and a gift of love and comfort from a child to a parent. Can't beat that.


Anonymous said...

I remember the fudge recipe. Real sugary - but so wonderful that we were able to make it ourselves!

Hiker13 said...

I think we made that, too. You're right, the fun was making it ourselves!