Friday, April 5, 2013

Two happy days at Meijer's

I don't know about you, but I like and do most of my bulk shopping at Meijer's in Royal Oak, MI. When I was single and living near there I would go in and feel like I was in a Star Wars movie -- way too much space, and a universe of choices. I'd feel overhwhelmed.

Well, times change don't they? I've shopped there now for years, as our two children grew we needed more and more and more chow. It was convenient, prices were great for commodities.

The produce section has evolved into a cool way to buy specific MI farmers' crops as they ID them.

But that's not the story, the last two times I've shopped there I've not only had help but have just learned to like a couple guys there. The produce guy pickles 25 POUNDS of asparagus a year. Found out he's from my rival high school and graduated the year after me. It all started with trying to find a bag of lemons.

The meat guy changed some prices for me and smiled the whole time.

And I saw the produce guy again tonight on a not quite desperate, but urgent, trip to get cat food for the old lady cat Sylvie.

This guy totally made my day, we laughed, talked about high school - the bad guys he knew, a little bit of politics. It's such a pleasure to find foodly people, colleagues wherever you go. And this is why I want to share such experiences on this blog. You never know where a good person and a food person turn up. And they're always a keeper.

So props to Mark at Meijer's. My bagged lemons are proudly in my fridge.

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