Saturday, September 22, 2012

Julia's Boef Bourguignon

My first attempt at Julia Child's boef bourguignon

As the temps dropped a bit and I spent a good part of the day at a farmer's market and Michigan food tasting both outside, I had the urge for boef bourguignon. Just came to me out the blue, or should I say gray sky. Why? I'd never made it, but I can take a hint when I get one.

Got about a pound and a half of stewing beef, some cremini mushrooms, a decent bottle of pinot noir from Castlerock, downloaded Julia's recipe and I was off.

What I found really interesting was browning the meat before flouring. She directs you to brown the chunks well, then the carrots and onions, add back in bacon you'd already fried and THEN, only then, sprinkle about 1-2 T flour over the beef and shoot into a 425 degree oven for four minutes. Toss again and throw in for another eight minutes. Then add the stock and wine and let it cook in the oven for three or more hours or till meat is fork tender.

It yielded a wonderful, shiny and glaze-y sauce for the meat and vegetables, very subtle hint of wine and just wonderfully rich and flavorful.

There are a couple of steps to it, but no harder than making your everyday beef stew. I've got to say I was impressed myself by the end product.

I loved Julia before but now she makes me look like a genius and my regard's only gone up.

Try it yourself!

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