Sunday, December 25, 2011

A new Christmas tradition?

We always have a big breakfast Christmas morning. "Nero Wolfe" scrambled eggs (cooked over a double boiler slowly for a long time), ham from Christmas Eve, homemade rolls, fresh fruit salad, bacon, sausage. The whole nine yards.

But to gild the lily this year, Yorkshire pudding was introduced. A puffy, dramatic and - actually - pretty light carb to balance the proteins.

Michael Ruhlman's blog yielded a very simple but terrific recipe. Basically 4-5 eggs and a cup of flour and then good fat (we used bacon drippings), popover pan and high heat. Wow!

These were architectural beauties -- golden, narrow hipped, huge on top, light and fluffy and and filled with air and deliciousness.

This may be the start of a new tradition after 20 years of wonderful meals. Our pals Kim and George are new additions as well, with bubbly and bacon, and who add freshness and friends to the breakfast table.

You can't buy a breakfast like this for food, wine or especially company. And that's the big present of the day.


Kim Adams said...

I'm still full from your excellent brunch. So full, in fact, that I didn't want to make dinner. We had planned to grilled lamb chops and open a nice bottle of wine but George got relegated to leftover black pepper tofu and brown rice from last night's vegetarian dinner and I'll just wait to eat again tomorrow. Good times today. Thank you for the invitation.

diana jacokes said...