Monday, December 19, 2011

Crappy dinner

Despite years of cooking, experience and interest in food-- some tag-teamed skills between us, the baker and the more savory cook -- now and then a really crappy meal comes out of the kitchen despite best efforts.

So: leftover burger, some beef broth, cabbage, carrots, lots of onions, celery, Great Northern canned beans and a bit of leftover rice = a totally sucky dinner.

The rice blew up in the broth, the beans and rice suck up any flavor so it was really bland and not soupy. I mean, it was food if you were really, really hungry (which I know is prevalent in so many places. ) But, wow. All this stuff and no flavor and crappy texture.

Hmmm, guess a little failure in the kitchen is always a bit of a bracing slap in the face and kind of refreshing.

English muffins for dinner, and the cook is humbled.

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