Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pig Roast!

One of the pleasures of our children are their friends. And from one we were invited again to a wonderful pig roast to watch UM. (Yes, they sucked.)

Craig is a pro --culinary school, great skills and very generous host and just a great guy.

He had a huge smoker, as he did several years ago when we first were lucky enough to be invited to the the pig roast. We were so excited when the invite came, despite the fact we knew UM would be crushed by OSU. He makes the real deal...some folks were a little squeamish by its real pig look... yes, the whole pig. We all said thank you before we dug in.

After he got it off the grill, we hung around while he carved and picked out a bunch of crispy bits, made even better by his dry rub. Of course there was a pile of pork that we got around to. This is real food, really , really good food.

So thanks to the pig and the chef. Grateful for both.

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