Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cork: A Wine Pub and so much more

Our gangofpour.com pals invited us for a drink and a bite at the newly opened (as of tonight) wine bar Cork in Pleasant Ridge. This is a wonderful addition to the Motown food scene!

Located in former architect's office, Cork offers a neighborhood vibe, relaxed service, and outstanding food, first rate wine and great cocktails. (When's the last time you had a sazerac or negroni -- both delectable.) Diners can enjoy comfortable and expansive bar, and a cozy dining area all painted in vibrant, rich colors with interesting artworks and decorative pieces. We felt immediately at home.

Menu includes small as well as large plates. We tasted the small short ribs with polenta plate and the grilled cheese sandwich w/ gruyere and prosciutto. Ribs were a bit skimpy in portion size for $11, grilled cheese made on their own bread, perfectly cooked. Shared with a twin pinot noir tasting from two Oregon wineries and a Roberts shiraz (tasting $12/ shiraz $6.)

Wine list is extensive and well considered. Jeff, the sommelier was a pleasure -- warm, knowledgeable and the essence of hospitality.

This is a perfect place for a drink and a bite with friends or a full dinner with a special someone.

Don't miss the butterscotch pudding! Served in a coffee cup it's lavished with housemade caramel and devilishly rich and smooth, just irresistible. Everyone at the table tasted and swooned. The recipe includes a full bottle of good Scotch -- literally putting the "scotch" in this pudding. This is an iconic dessert.

Looking forward to their success and growth. All food made inhouse - breads, desserts, jams, locally produced vinegar. It also houses a small wine retail shop where you can purchase a wide variety of well curated wines.

Whether we knew it or not, we've been waiting for a spot just like this.

Welcome to town, Cork! Hope to see lots more of you!

Cork Wine Pub

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