Friday, August 3, 2007

Amici's Pizza in Berkley

We had a take-out pie from Amici's in Berkley last night. Not bad at all. Ours was asparagus with tomatoes, tomato sauce, mozzarella and feta. The crust is pretty thin, but not a cracker-like "thin crust." The sauce is excellent, not thick, and it has chuncks of sweet Roma tomatoes.

I hate to complain about Amici's because they've been a nice addition to Berkley, but the crust was burned at the edge on about a quarter of the pice. That's my only complaint. Wife and son, however disagreed and said this was a byproduct of the hot oven cooking.

Amici's is on Twelve Mile between Coolidge and Greenfield in Berkley. They have a nice patio and connected is the Living Room, a very low-key bar.

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