Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thang Long

With all this cold weather, I was craving a big steaming bowl of pho. So, spur of the moment, I called my friend Maggie, and after a nice cold glass of wine and a handful of Fritos we were off. I'd been to Thang Long before and enjoyed everything I've had. It's located in a nondescript strip mall on John R in either Troy or Madison Heights. It offers an extensive array of Vietnamese food, with w hole section just for pho --beef or chicken---noodles, etc. I order the beef and tendon pho, my dining partner ordered the chicken pho. We started with very crispy and hot spring rolls with a savory dipping sauce. We should have ordered more than one order (2 per order)--they were slightly addictive.

The pho came in generous bowls. Maggie's chicken in a larger and more ornate bowl--seemed a larger portion than mine. The beef/tendon pho offered beautifully clear, flavorful broth with nicely portioned beef. The tendon aka as cartilage was chewy and gelatinous--I still can't decide if I loved it or disliked it, a totally new mouthfeel for me. The chicken pho was as beautifully clear, a little less emphatic broth flavor, but that's the nature of the chicken broth. The only wrong note was that the herb/beanspour plate was a little skimpy, we could have used double of both.

Service is pleasant but businesslike--this isn't a place where you really want linger. While the meal was good, it didn't meet the high levels of presentation and flavor that I remember from previous visits. Maybe an off night or fatigue from all the cold days.

I will go back, maybe this week. That broth is a magnet during a Detroit winter.
Thang Long is located at 27641 John R, Madison Heights

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