Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Years ago I met a woman. I liked her. One of the things I liked was that she was willing to try new things. I was very impressed that she went on one of those outdoor survival trips. She liked foods I'd never tried; we explored wines and champagnes; we hiked and camped and explored deserted beaches and hot springs.

I didn't like all the new foods she cooked. She didn't like all of my vacation ideas.

Once on a weekend trip we got up early and explored a 300 year old cemetery and wondered about the lives that were lived here, some as parents who lost children young, some as slaves.

Anyway, I liked her. She liked me too so we married and made some good kids. Perhaps we don't try new things as often anymore. Perhaps we should.

We were watching TV when a commercial came on for KFC Snackers. She said, "I had one of those the other day. I liked it!"
I wouldn't eat one of them if I was starving. But, I don't have to like everything she tries, do I?

Happy Valentine's Day, dear

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