Friday, May 22, 2015

Pure Detroit

Diego Rivera Murals
Detroit Institute of Arts

An afternoon of Pure Detroit started with a visit to the Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo special exhibit at the DIA. Those monumental murals are part of the DNA of the city, commissioned by a wealthy capitalist at the behest of a highly cultured director of the museum. 

These monumental murals portray the fantastic effiency of industry, the threats it might hold over the long haul, the essential elements of all human endeavor to strive, to nurture, to grow, to build. 

While the Rivera work was monumental, Kahlo's work was intensely person, female, and political. The contrast of the two artists works make the exhibit fresh and curatorial background a great education for what is a strictly iconic work. 

So, what to do after? Go to Go Cash Gold, repurposed in all the best ways, recycling what was the best and the questionable of Detroit; a pawn shop, gorgeous recycled wood. 

The food was bright, flavorful, cooked with personality and care. Gary and I and the two offspring shared, talked, yakked, took in the city, and our tastebuds took a ride with food you just wanted to keep on eating.  Foccacia with peppers and sausage, charcuterie plate with kimchi, pimento cheese, cheese straws, bratwurst.  Deep fried soft shell crabs, fried chicken, cioppino, marinated flank steak and a couple good stiff cocktails and great beer. 

What more could you ask on a day of perfect weather?  Great art, great food, and lots of love. 

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