Saturday, June 15, 2013

Strawberries and guacamole == might be the soul of Detroit this week

We took a morning jaunt to Eastern Market, which is one of marvels of Detroit and of farmers' markets anywhere.

A trip with our friend Kim from and her friend Rod took advantage of a perfect Michigan day - high blue sky, low humidity and good options at the market. We bee-lined for the Michigan strawberries. Now, who wouldn't? They are the best in the world. YES, the world. See...

And other purchases were spring Michigan asparagus and a couple of flats of flowers to brighten up the yard. Miss the impatients this year but they're off the table due to an infection of downy mildew.

We made the full circuit of this giant market, sampled some good stuff and two of us came back with horseradish plants. Harvested in the fall, these simple plants can dig deep, roots at two feet, so we're inviting in a bit of a wild plant here. But should pay off with the hot stuff in the fall.

A trip to Honey Bee Market in Mexicantown capped the day. It's a terrific market -- best guac we've ever had. Wonderful salsa, huge selection of produce, spices, tortillas, masa and the hot food take out is irrestible.

We shared tamales, chicrones, homemade chips, guac, salsa verde, red salsa and a really cold Tecate beer on the picnic tables on the patio.

With the balmy weather and breezes, cool music and great company, it was like were on vacation. Can't ask for more for a Saturday morning.

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