Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trying frying = eh

We love to post our triumphs, our finds, our small joys and successes in good chow. But in the interest of full transparency, we also want to share our also-rans.

After a number of media exposures (TV, articles) to awesome fried chicken, we were hankering and hungering for some. This weekend was the experiment.

Great chicken, marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce. .... Check
Properly heated oil in heavy cast iron pot...... Check
Well prepared batter, nicely seasoned..... Check

End Sometimes all the ingredients are great, you have an instructive and appealing new recipe to use and the results fall flat -- or in this case soggy. Upside, the chicken was moist and well-cooked. Downside, flabby and not very crusty outside; leftover a disaster.

Next up: egg wash and flour only

Have to offer even more props to those folks who cook this wonderfully. Not as easy as it tastes.

We did a re-do of the chicken. Same marinated in buttermilk chicken, seasoned flour, a wider pan with same oil and temp. Result = pretty good fried chicken. Key was finishing it in the oven @ 350 degrees. We're not rare chicken people so we kept it there more than the recommeneded 10 minutes. Turned out pretty good. Still have some work to do, but we're on the right track here.

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