Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diamond Jim Brady's

Much in part due to a fellow Chowhound's praises, we met wonderful friends of ours here as a halfway point, for lunch. Bottom line, food was really great. Had the crusted whitefish over almost julienned zucchini and basmati rice with a small about of balsamic reduction. Fish was perfect --crust was light, sides were great, too (but a little salt helped.) Preceded by a nicely made Caesar salad --garlicky with a hint of anchovy, not overdressed or a greens salad with a kicky lemony vinaigrette. Our spouses had burgers --mine thought it was good, not great, the other loved the Texas burger with chili. Prices were great-- $9.50 for the whitefish meal, $8.50 for loaded burgers and fries. It's clear the kitchen knows what it's doing.

Problem was service --it was an almost dismally empty dining room for weekend lunch. When we ordered one wine, it was "out" --no explanation, my husband asked for a cleaner glass. I had ordered something else but when the server came back the, "polenta was out", which was the reason I ordered. No fast pick up on water, silverware, re-orders of wine. When I ordered wine after others, it was explained "we get some special order wines so when they're' out, they're out." Good, but maybe tell us the first time around? No polenta...hmmm.

With the great quality of the food we expected a warmer service, or at least more attentive. Took the edge off.

we'll go back because the food quality for the value is great...just on a slow Saturday (recession, nice day?) but would like a more engaged service next time.

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