Friday, July 20, 2007

Ribs and Cubanos

We ordered ribs from Lazybones in Roseville. We weren't excited. The ribs were greasy. The taste wasn't bad, but the excessive grease makes them ordinary at best and who needs ordinary?

I had a nice Cubano from Vincente's in downtown Detroit. It was flavorful with crispy bread, good meat and a nice bite from the pickle. The bread had an almost flaky crust. It was a little dry, but all in all, a very nice sandwich. As part of the takeout package Vincente's included a pair of pineapple rings with maraschino cherries in the middle. I suspect that's not authentically Cuban, but it was colorful and I like maraschinos.
Vincente's is hard to find unless you know downtown Detroit well. It's on Library St across the street from the lovely little library branch that used to be in the shadow of the Hudson's building on Woodward. Now, the best way to find it is to look behind the Compuware building. You can drive there via Grand River west off Woodward, via Gratiot from the east or via Monroe to Farmer, Farmer being the northeast border of the Compuware Building. There is metered parking on Library.

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