Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bahn Mi Surprise

So I was in the neighborhood of John R and 13 Mile getting my new specs adjusted. And I knew I was in great bahn mi territory. Unfortunately, Saigon Market (corner of John R and 13 Mile) was out and many of the restaurants on that block close every Tuesday. So I asked a customer and clerk at the market where else I could pick up this tasty sandwich.

On their rec, I headed out to a nondescript strip mall at the corner of 13 and Dequindre and stepped into in Cyber Cafe. It's a grim little space with bare tables and chairs, several Vietnamese men playing a kind of checkers and what is a large karaoke machine in the corner, along with pinball machines. But the lady said, he sells sandwiches.

For $2 I got a freshly made, toasty/crusty bahn mi, with thin slices of pate, and great crunchy juliened carrots, pickle, radish and a big handful of cilantro all tossed in a sweet/salty dressing. The contrast of the warm baguqette and the crunch of the cool veggies contasting to the smooth pate was amazing. After one bite, I just sat in my car and devoured the nicely sized meal.

This is a great little dive with a perfect bahn mi, best I've had in the Detroit area.

Check it out: Cyber Cafe, 13 Mile and Dequindre, Warren, MI

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tomoltk said...

Thanks for the info. I've only heard about this place, never been or seen it. I like to stock up on two or three days worth of sandwiches for lazy lunches (helps when the fresh veggies are kept in a separate bag).